High Attainment Programme

High Attainment Programme

We have drawn upon some of the best practice shown by a number of schools around the country, where the progress of able pupils has been successfully nurtured and supported. We believe the result is a programme of provision for our able pupils, which is a challenging, unique and inspirational feature of our school community.

The aim of our High Attainment Programme is simple and clear:

To challenge, support and inspire our able pupils, to the extent that they have the desire, ambition and skills to ensure make all the progress we expect of each and every one of them.

Many schools nationally face the challenge of stretching the progress and ultimately, the achievement of their. able pupils. King Harold is not unique in this respect, however our High Attainment Programme is bold. We truly believe that we have a programme to challenge our able pupils, support them in their learning, and provide inspirational experiences along the way. Coasting is simply not an option!

On entry to the school, we already know about the abilities of our pupils. Their progress throughout year 7 is carefully tracked. By Year 8, all pupils that qualify as High Attainers, as defined by the Department for Education, are selected to join a dedicated, High Attainment form group for the remainder of their learning journey through the School. It should be noted, this has no impact upon pupils’ teaching set or groups.

Year 10 High Attainment Programme visit to Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

As a form group, pupils will work on a range of particular topics and projects, all designed to challenge our high attaining pupils to build learning resilience, support the development of their skills as learners, working collaboratively to take responsibility for their own learning whilst becoming aware of high order questioning and both recognising and developing an all-important growth mind-set.

At Key Stage 4, the careful tracking and support continues. All high attaining pupils benefit from a tailored enrichment programme in English and mathematics, receiving an extra hour of inspirational extension work in each subject, each timetable cycle. Guidance relevant to high attaining pupils is also given, particularly in relation to their future educational choices. Our hope is that we are able to inspire our high attaining pupils enough to want to continue their education, with a selection of complementary A Level courses at Epping Forest District 6th Form (EFD6).

Our high attainment programme seeks to inspire. Pupils will have access to learning experiences that aim to broaden their appreciation of where their academic abilities can lead them. Years 10 and 11 have already benefitted from our growing relationship with Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.


Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Our new Progress Awards are seen as a key inspirational device. Developed in conjunction with our Prefect Team, pupils are rewarded for the progress they make towards their targets; with the chance to win progress prizes including digital cameras and Ipads throughout Year 11. All pupils receive awards for making expected progress throughout the School, firstly in mathematics and English, and in 5 subjects including mathematics and English. The challenge and expectation for our able pupils is that they should make and maintain ‘4 levels of progress’. As a learning community, we need our pupils to want to make progress, and to feel special for doing so.

If you have any further queries about our High Attainment Programme, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Smith, Assistant Headteacher.