Sports Fixtures & News

Week ending 11th March 2016

Girls football: King Harold girls played in a football tournament on Thursday 10th March. Our year 7 team played 2 mini games against Davenant, drawing 0-0, and Epping St. John’s, not quite gaining a win! The year 9 team won 1-0 against Davenant! Going into their second game of the evening against Epping St. John’s, they couldn't quite get the win, losing 1-0. However, both teams did finish 2nd overall in the tournament.

Week ending 26th February 2016:

NETBALL: Our year 7,8 and 9 girls played Epping, St Johns at home on Wednesday 24th February.

Year 9's score was 12-6, they were drawing going into the last quarter and put up a good fight!

Year 8's score was 12-0, their first ever game! The girls getting used to the game and working as a team, was good to see! 


Year 7's score was 28-14, another loss but still another improvement yet again from the previous game we played.


Week ending 29th January 2016:

Year 9's brought home another win beating Roding Valley 11-10! It was a great game - last time they beat us by more the 10!

Week ending 22nd January 2016:

Year 10 & 11 boys had their first basketball game and lost to Davenant 28 – 37 but won their second game 27-20 against Roding Valley. The boys have shown real progress in just two games, gaining their first win of the year.

Our girls football team for year 9s and 7s played away against St Johns Epping. Our year 9's WON 3-1! It was a brilliant first game and they all played so well. Unfortunately our Year 7's didn't win, but made an excellent start and worked well together as a team in their first game.

Year 7,9 and U16 netball teams also played against Davenant. Despite losing the matches, the girls made a significant improvement on past performances. A Davenant teacher commented "we will worry about playing King Harold next year!" This
shows the massive improvement our girls are making.

Autumn Term Sports News Roundup

Cross Country

On Monday 12th October, 10 students from years 7, 8 and 9 took part in the District Cross Country Event at Burnt Mill Academy. There were many schools involved in this event with between 60-75 runners in each race. All students ran and represented the school extremely well. In particular, all year 7 students finishing within the top 25 and a stand out performance from Mia Marchant in year 9 who placed 12th in the year 8 and 9 race.

Marathon EventWorld Marathon Event

Thirteen year 7 and 8 students took part in the World Marathon Event held at Lea Valley. The event involved students working as a team to run the length of a marathon. In total they completed 211 laps of the 200m indoor track. 6 schools from the district were also competing in the event as well as schools from all over the world. The students completed the distance in 2 hours and 5 minutes, placing 4th overall.


Year 7 and 8 students have represented the school in district basketball tournaments. They competed against schools from West Hatch, Davenant, Roding Valley and Epping St Johns. For some year 7s it was the first competitive basketball match they have played, all students put in a great performance beating some tough opposition. Each game the students improved showing better understanding of the game and scoring some good baskets.

Boys Rugby

The year 7 and 8s won their first rugby fixture against Forest Hall School 40-15. Boys put in a great performance scoring some brilliant try's and making some big tackles. 

Boys Football

The King Harold Year 9 football team remain unbeaten at Christmas, beating Roding Valley 5-2 away and drawing with Davenant 2-2 at home.  A great start to the football season and credit to the students who have demonstrated how much they have improved over the past two years. 

The Year 10 football team started the season well beating Debden 5-1, but lost their second game to a strong West Hatch team 6-2. A solid start to the season from the boys.

Year 7 Netball

1st term right up:Year 7 Netball Team Nov 15

Our year 7’s have positively started the session with a large number committing to training every week. We have a squad of 12 girls who have represented the school this term, playing at both home and away fixtures. We have played against West Hatch, Davenant Foundation School, St Johns and Ongar Academy with Debden Park and Roding left to play. Out of these games we have come away with 1 win and the rest very close matches leaving us in good stead for the second half of the session.


Year 9 Netball

1st term right up:Year 9 Netball Team Nov 15

Our year 9’s have come together to create a close team, who work hard for each other and have improve dramatically since the start of September. We have over 16 girls training and committing to games weekly. Our fixtures from this term include; Roding Valley, West Hatch, Debden Park, St Johns, Davenant and Braeside. We have also come away with 1 win this half term against Braeside 10-2. This is the most goals we have ever scored in a game, giving us a massive positive going into training before the second half of the season.

U16 Netball

1st term right up:U16 Netball Team Nov 15

Our under 16 netball team is a mixture of year 11 and year 10 students, we have over 12 students in the squad playing and committing to training weekly. We have played a large amount of fixture this term playing against; Roding Valley, West Hatch, Debden Park, St Johns, Davenant and Braeside. We came away winning against St John with a score of 16-4. The team work and side-line support of the other players was brilliant. Our shooters taking advantage of most shots they had as well as defenders gaining interceptions throughout. We have a positive mind-set going into the second half of the season and aim to take away more big wins.

Lindsay Keable

England Netball Team player, Lindsay Keable, visits KHA to talk to students.

Our U16 and year 9 teams were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be trained by Lindsay Keable on the 30th November 2015. Lindsay is an international netball player representing England over 9 times and playing professionally for Hertfordshire Mavericks.

Our Captain and Vice-Captain of our netball team interviewed Lindsay on the day:

Lindsay Keable and KHA students Nov 15What inspired you to play netball?
“My Auntie ran a netball club and my friends.”

What position do you play and why?
“GK/GD very tall, bad at shooting!”

How long did it take you to get where you are now?
“When I got in England I was in year 11 (16 years old)”

Lindsay Keable and KTH Nov 15Why do you like playing netball?
“Team sport, being around people working together.”

How many times a week do you train?
“Training week involves: Monday 3hrs- Tuesday 4 hours – Wednesday rest 1 hour- Thursday 4 hours- Friday 1 hour- Saturday rest – Sunday 4 hours.”

Have you had major injuries, if so what?
Lindsay Keable and KHA students Nov 15 2“Broken leg (out for 6 months), by falling on someone’s foot.”

Is netball your full time profession?
“England is a high level, however, I don’t get paid to travel, only work part time (2 days). Unfortunately England is not a professional sport.”

Lindsay took a fantastic session with the girls on attacking and defending. The students worked so hard and loved every minute of the session. Hopefully they will take what they’ve learnt and implement this into their next game.

Ms Eleana Clark, PE Teacher


 West Essex School Sports Partnership

This year, King Harold Academy have become part of the West Essex School Sports Partnership working with the local primary schools in the area. As part this, the primary schools have had the opportunities to attend various events and competitions.

King Harold hosted a tag rugby tournament which had over 100 primary school children attending from Hillhouse, Leverton, Upshire and Waltham Holy Cross. There were 13 teams in total and, with the help of some year 10 GCSE sports leaders, the day was a big success. It resulted in a Leverton vs Hillhouse final which Leverton won.

We also hosted a Boccia and Kurling event for SEND students from the same schools as well as Ivy Chimneys. This time some year 9 King Harold students helped the event run smoothly. It was great to see how much the primary students progressed throughout. There were some very close games but Ivy Chimneys won both the Boccia and Kurling.

The West Essex School Sports Partnership has also given opportunities to secondary school children. A group of students from King Harold Academy represented the school in an SEND sports event at Davenant School. There were students from West Hatch, Roding Valley, Davenant, Debden and Epping St Johns at the event. Students were integrated together and competed in different sports events. The 4 events were Dodgeball, Indoor Golf, Indoor Curling and Judo. This was a great opportunity for students to try some sports they have never played before and receive some expert coaching in Judo. The day was thoroughly enjoyable and students represented the school very well.

Through this partnership I am able to go into some of these primary schools to deliver various sports sessions as well as schools coming in to King Harold for sport sessions. This will continue throughout the year along with many more tournaments and events.

Mr Luke Andrew, PE Teacher