School Uniform PICAfter consulting with our students, staff, parents and governing body, we are pleased to introduce new style school uniform to all of our students. This will be introduced in September 2016. The new uniform is pictured overleaf

The girls will no longer be required to wear ties but a white revere blouse, with a black pullover, stitched with the school logo. The tartan kilt will be made to ensure that the skirt cannot be rolled over at the top or shortened at the bottom and can only be worn at the correct length, to the knee. The boys will have a new tie  with a different coloured stripe representing each specific year group (see PDF on the left for example and which coloured tie allocated for each specific year group). This tie will carry your child through the rest of their school years. The boys will also have a black pullover, long sleeved or short sleeved with our school logo and are expected to wear black formal trousers. Both boys and girls are to wear a black school blazer with the KHA logo.

If you wish to buy a skirt, a price list is available from Forest Casual & School wear and the prices range from £27.50 to £36.50, depending on the waist size. The cost of a tie is £7.50

On the left you will also find a PDF with some examples of the requirements of the school regarding shoes for next year, a list of shoes not to wear.

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We hope that these changes will make the uniform smarter and reflect the high standards and positive ethos of the school. 

Below is our full uniform list and dress code:


Shirts: All students should wear white shirts. Girls should wear revere collar, short or long sleeved (with cuffs that can be buttoned) blouses.

Skirts: School, tartan patterned skirts with logo must be worn at knee length. No other type of skirt is permitted.

Trousers: Trousers must be plain black. Leggings or skinny/drainpipe trousers are not permitted and belts must be plain black.

Jumpers (optional): Any student wishing to wear a jumper or sleeveless tank top underneath their blazer must wear the school jumper which has the school logo embroidered on it.  No other garment will be permitted to be worn over the shirt and under the blazer. The jumper/tank top can only be purchased directly from our supplier, Forest Casual & Schoolwear. 

Socks: Both boys and girls must wear plain black socks. Girls are allowed to wear plain black tights, ankle or knee length socks. Trainer style and over the knee socks are not permitted.

Shoes: All students must wear plain black formal hard soled shoes with black laces. Kickers are acceptable provide they are shoes - not boots, the stitching and laces are black and the motif is discrete. Plimsolls and trainers of any make are not permitted.

Blazer: All students must wear a plain black blazer with the school logo on the pocket. It should be worn at all times.

Ties (Boys only): Boys must wear the school tie in the colour of their year.  Ties must be worn at all times. Girls are not required to wear a tie.

Tie Colour:


Year 7 – Green

Year 8 – Silver

Year 9 – Gold

Year 10 – Sky blue

Year 11 – Red


Body Piercing, Make-Up and Nail Varnish: For health and safety reasons, no student may have any body piercing jewellery in at any time except for one pair of small stud earrings in the ear lobe. Students are not permitted to wear rings, make-up, nail varnish, other than clear varnish, or wear false, gel or acrylic nails to school.

Hair: Hair should be neat and tidy and, for health and safety reasons, all students with long hair should tie it neatly back with a dark band.  No decorative clips, attachments or head bands are permitted. Extreme haircuts which include lines or letters are unacceptable. Students are asked not to dye their hair with colours different from natural colours.

Mobile Phones & MP3 Players: Students should not bring MP3 players into school; this includes all forms of music players with earphones. If a student is seen with earphones in, and listening to an MP3 player during the school day, the device will be confiscated for five school days.

The same procedure will apply to students with mobile phones out of their bags in the school building, including break and lunchtime, or during lesson times. Within the building, mobile phones must be kept in bags, not pockets, at all times

Chewing Gum, Energy (including isotonic) & Fizzy Drinks: Chewing gum, energy and fizzy drinks are not permitted at school in any form.

Incorrect School Uniform & Equipment: All students are expected to arrive to school in the correct school uniform.  If any student does not have the correct uniform and cannot supply an appropriate letter of explanation from their parent/carer, then we will contact their parent/carer in the first instance and ask them to bring the correct uniform into school.  If this cannot be done, the Form Tutor will write a note to the parent/carer in the student’s planner.  If the student is still dressed incorrectly the following day, they will be placed in a detention after school.






Plain black with school badge

Plain black with school badge


Knee length school, tartan patterned skirts with logo.



Plain white, long/short sleeved uniform blouse with revere collar

Plain white, long or short sleeved regulation shirt


No tie required for girls

With logo and colour appropriate for year (e.g. Green for new year 7 students)


Plain, formal black - no leggings or skinny/drainpipe trousers. Belts, if worn, must be plain black.

Plain, formal black - no skinny/drainpipe style trousers. Belts, if worn, must be plain black.

Pullover or Slipover

School regulation black with logo, with or without sleeves (compulsory style if jumper is to be worn)

School regulation black with logo, with or without sleeves (compulsory style if jumper is to be worn)

Tights or socks

Plain black tights, ankle or knee length socks (not trainer or over the knee socks).

Plain black socks


Plain black formal sensible low heeled shoes leather/synthetic – no plimsolls/canvas shoes, boots or trainers

Plain black formal school shoes leather/synthetic – no plimsolls/canvas shoes, boots or trainers

PE Kit

Polo Shirt

Black and amber polo shirt with printed school badge and initials

Black and amber polo shirt with printed school badge and initials

Rugby Shirt


Black and amber reversible rugby jersey with printed school badge and initials


Black and amber ¾ zip with printed school badge and initials



Black and amber hooped football socks

Black and amber hooped football socks


Black and amber skorts with printed initials 


Black and amber short with printed initials

Black and amber short with printed initials




Black sports leggings with printed KHA initials

(To be worn under shorts/skorts)


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