Year 10 – Imperial War Museum trip on 2nd November 2017

Year 10 students have spent the last half term studying Nazi Germany as part of their GCSE course. The history department took the students to the Imperial War museum in London to further their knowledge and to allow them to have the experience of seeing evidence, first hand, from this and other conflicts in the 20th and 21st century.

Our focus on the trip was to see the Holocaust exhibition. This is a subject that many students have an interest in and the department felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to focus on this aspect of Nazi Germany. Once we had arrived we were sent to a room to have a teaching experience. To our surprise we were greeted by Ceril Lewis, a Holocaust survivor. Our students were lucky enough to be able to hear her story on how she and her family were treated during the years of Hitler in Nazi Germany. It was moving and troubling but the students were amazing as they listened to intently on how she was able to survive as a Jew during a period of great prejudice. It was so sad to her that the majority of her family had been sent to Auschwitz and had not survived the war, especially her father who she did not see again.

We then had access to the exhibition in the museum where students had audio guides ready to listen to first-hand accounts of the treatment of minorities during a difficult time in Europe. The students did research and explored this vast collection of artefacts, information and digital media. The maturity and level of empathy shown by our students was exceptional. With questions and ideas flowing we went back to see Cyril and was able to ask her any questions we had.

The students behaved wonderfully and we really were lucky enough to meet this wonderful and extremely courageous survivor. Her book is available for the students to borrow from the school library.