King Harold meets the Rainforest!

Year 7 students at King Harold Academy got to meet some terrifying creepy crawlies and reptiles found in rainforests around the world when ZooLab came to the school for the day. The students got the chance to meet, handle, and learn about creatures such as the Madagascan hissing cockroach, tarantula, millipedes, African land snails, a stick insect and a snake! Whilst learning the correct way to handle these weird and wonderful creatures, they learnt about their adaptions to the rainforest environment, diets and how easy or difficult it would be for them to survive in these tropical areas.

Ella Brancher said of the visit: “It was really interesting to see how they live and what they do in the rainforest. It was really fun!”

Tyrese Fenton said: “It was really fun meeting different animals and insects from the rainforest. My favourite bit was holding the snake!”