Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a wonderful celebratory time of year. However, for many, ‘Christmas spirit’ has been lost a little. This year, at King Harold Academy, we decided to try and re-capture the true meaning of Christmas and our staff and students were more than keen to get involved.

As a school we have previously supported global initiatives such as ‘Operation Christmas Child’, but this year dedicated our time and resources a little closer to home.

We asked our staff and students to bring in anything that could be donated to some of the elderly members of the Waltham Abbey Community and with a team of students, put together ‘Christmas Hampers’ and wrote Christmas Cards.

It was truly wonderful to see all of our staff and students engaging in this initiative and capturing the true meaning of Christmas Spirit. Next week some of our staff and students will be delivering the Hampers to a Christmas gathering at Waltham Abbey Community Centre for community members to take home.

Students of all ages were wrapping and preparing the Christmas boxes… and clearly enjoying the experience!