King Harold Academy students visit Tower of London

On the 21st February the history department took 35 students to visit the Tower of London. The purpose of the trip was to enrich student’s historical knowledge outside of the classroom and to help develop their knowledge for our upcoming Norman Conquest topic.

Once we had arrived at the Tower our first stop was to go to the learning centre and have the opportunity to handle real artefacts found at the Tower of London. We wanted students to have a rare opportunity to touch and experience a piece of history and our students were amazing ambassadors for this. They asked some fantastic questions and demonstrated some great historical knowledge. It was clear that we have some historians in the making.

After lunch we went to the see the crown jewels which are famously kept at the Tower. The crown jewels are excellent examples of showing the past of Britain and giving great knowledge to the history of our monarchy. To finish off the trip we went and saw the famous armouries. The Tower of London has also become famous for housing a history of weapons and armour from our most famous battles and wars. The staff at the Tower were very impressed with the amazing questions that our students were asking and we even got to have a sneak peek beyond the ropes to see some 19th Century ‘graffiti’ in the Chapel.

Overall the students had a great day immersed in some amazing history. They were fantastic ambassadors for the history department and for King Harold Academy.