Library Games

At lunchtime today, the finals for the first KHA Library Games took place.

Three groups, one from each year group of KS3 were due to compete against each other. However, the group representing year 8 did not arrive and therefore were disqualified. The remaining teams from year 7 and 9 competed.

They had to take a red slip of paper from the bowl. Each slip had a paragraph of a random book in the LRC, and participants had to figure out which book it was, and who the author was for extra points. They had 10 minutes to guess as many as possible.

It was a tight game. Students were working really well as a team, reading the paragraphs to each other, and analysing the clues within them to find the answer.

Year 7 finished with a brilliant 15 points, getting three books correct with the right authors as well.

Year 9 won with a spectacular 17 points!

Well done to all our participants, Molly-Rose Cooper, Freddie Steele, Olivia Mroczek, Rhea George and Mia Corner (Filling in for Perla Manca). A brilliant well done to our winners: Ollie Colgate, Sonny Clark-Durant, Kaylee Kilcullen, Jason Pask and Paris Colgate (filling in for Finley Daltrey).

A Shot with three of the year 9 winners, Ollie Colgate, Jason Pask and Sonny Clark-Durant.