Year 9 Aspirations Day

Year 9 students at King Harold Academy took part in Aspirations Day.

Matt Rozier gave a 'Hands on Physiology' practical presentation exploring the cardiovascular and respiratory system which saw students take part in a heart and lung dissection.

Artificial intelligence, connectivity and the explosion of data will change everyones' lives over the next few years.  

Chris Williams, Chief Architect for IBM Watson, gave a presentation on how robots learn and the careers available within Technology. 

His key message was that the technology sector does not just need technical people but also creative and artistic talent to make things work, as well as engineers to build.

The students were inspired by 'Made for Education' to develop positive habits for success in an action-packed session focusing on Goals and Aspirations. 

Professional classical guitarist Matt Burton, who gained a Masters Degree in Classical Guitar at Southampton University, treated students to a concert performance and shared his journey from Year 9 to his time at university and what university life has to offer.

'Medical Mavericks' highlighted careers in the Healthcare sector. 

The students could explore various career paths and were given hands-on experience of using the same technology as used by nurses, doctors, paramedics and scientists in the healthcare sector.