Gold Trip Success

On Tuesday 17th July we ran our first 'Going for Gold' rewards trip with the new scheme we introduced this year. Over the year, each week, we have calculated students' attendance, positives, negatives, shout out cards and their progress based on AP data.

The 'Going for Gold' scheme aim was for students to strive to be invited on the Gold trip at the end of the year and it was brilliant to see that hard work and effort come to fruition.

Our students went on the tube into London (an experience for them in itself!). We first went on board the London Eye, then back on the train to Madame Tussauds and then finally to Number 10. The father of Ruby Gambrill (year 7) works there as part of the police security detail and was able to get us INSIDE number 10 where the students sat in the cabinet meeting room (the one in Love Actually; pretty cool!).

Very long day for our students and after 8 train changes, they were sick of the sight of an escalator! But, they were amazing, a true credit to the school and really enjoyed it. So many of them are motivated to achieve the Gold trip next year and continue their hard work; which, I'm sure we'd all agree, is what it's all about.