IEM School Music workshop day at King Harold Academy

On Wednesday 26th September IEM visited King Harold Academy to hold a song writing workshop for our Year 10 GCSE Music groups, as well as some gifted Year 8 and 9 students.

The workshop run by Angus and Conan, two musicians who work for IEM began by discussing how to write songs, followed by the challenge for the students to work in groups and compose their own songs. Each group received guidance and feedback on their songs and at the end of the session each group performed their work to the others. All the students worked really hard during this workshop and each group produced amazing songs in a variety of styles and which included lyrics about love, friendship and being strong. They composed the music using ukuleles, guitars, drums, and keyboards as well as singing their lyrics.

The day finished off with for our students who participated in the workshop being joined by the rest of Year 8 in the Hall to watch a performance by Conan Mac and Angus from IEM.

We are really grateful for the work IEM did with our students today and really proud of all the students that took part and the fantastic work they created.

You can find out more about the work IEM do through the IEM website:

To find out more about Conan Mac