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Coca cola factory visit

As part of their Business Studies GCSE, the year 11 students visited the local Coca Cola bottling factory in Edmonton in April 2014. The 29 students were able to see and observe how production worked in the real world. The trip consisted of a short video presentation then a boardroom discussion about how Coca Cola Enterprises produces and bottles the various products in its factory. The students were then taken on a tour of the facilities where they saw how the new 1.75ml bottles and 500ml bottles were produced and bottled and also how the glass bottling procedure was different to the plastic bottling procedure. Stephanie said the following about the trip “I learnt more during the tour of the factory, like the amount that is produced and how it is stored in their warehouse in large quantities using computerised technology.” Derek said “I learnt how Coca Cola are able to bottle products that are not owned by them and the legal procedures they need to follow to ensure that they can continue to bottle them in future.” The year 11 students were an asset to King Harold Academy and many asked relevant business questions to quantify their knowledge.

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