The King Harold Academy
Learning Resource Centre

Our newly renovated LRC offers a positive, safe, inspiring and vibrant learning space that encourages all students to develop lifelong information literacy and research skills that encourages and promotes a lifelong love of reading for enjoyment and pleasure.

The LRC is open to all students before, during and after the school day for library lessons, independent study and group work. The students also benefit from the LRC’s large computer suite and the many activities that take place here.

We offer a range of titles for all students and abilities which provides a broad and higher reading interest. This enables them to access a range of titles that are encouraging and extends their love of reading. We also offer a range of non-fiction texts for all students enhancing their subject knowledge of all curriculum areas and useful information suitable for the whole school community.

The LRC offers a careers library which provides students with a range of information and prospectuses for their post-16 options.

We hope you enjoy looking through our information presentation of all the activities that have taken place so far this term and the many more that are to follow!

Giselle Morris, Librarian