SEN provision at the school is strategically led by the SENCo

SENCo –Nicola Reece
Assistant SENCo – Tracey Bankes
6 Teaching Assistants including one lead TA

The Lead TA manages the Pupils Additional Learning Suite, known as the PALS area, which is a separate learning environment.  Two TAs specialise in Maths, two specialise in English, one provides support for EAL students mainly during the homework club time, one TA acts as a key worker for one of our SEND high risk students and the other TAs provide SEN support across the curriculum.

The SEN register consists of 12 students with a SEN Statement/EHCPlan who are considered ‘High Need’ (code S) and 28 students and who need ‘Additional School Intervention & Support’ (code K). All of our students on the SEN registry have a ‘passport’ showing their individual need, what works for them and what doesn’t.  Our Statement students also have a person centred One Plan. A number of other students are  monitored from time to time to consider if their needs require further intervention and support.  In the majority of cases the rest of the students in the school successfully achieve their academic goals by the provision of ‘High Quality Teaching’ (code N) by every teacher across the school.

The PALS area in school provides a sanctuary of support for students.  Children use this additional resource to:

  • Receive additional support for reading, writing, spelling, speech and language, EAL and numeracy.
  • Complete assessment tests in literacy and numeracy.
  • Meet with specialist staff and mentors from school and external agencies.
  • Spend their break and lunch times away from the mainstream areas in school.
  • Complete homework and additional studies.
  • Work in when they are unable to attend lessons due to a serious injury or high levels of anxiety.

The members of SEND meet weekly to discuss student progress and other related issues.  As a result, a monthly bulletin is produced and circulated to all members of the school staff with any immediate concerns related to staff on the day.

In addition to this, the SENCO attends the weekly Heads of Department meeting to communicate issues regarding SEN and students on the SEN register.

Priority Areas of SEN Development in the school:

  • Continuously track the progress of SEN students across the school in order to set-up and deliver effective intervention in the appropriate subject areas. 
  • Develop stronger working partnerships between the LSAs and the Subject Teachers to improve the quality of provision delivered. 

Special Educational Needs and Disability

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