Head’s Welcome

Welcome to King Harold Academy

I am delighted to be joining King Harold as Executive Headteacher from September 2020.

It is my passionate belief that a school should be a place where young people can thrive and grow into the best
possible versions of themselves. A school shouldn’t be an exam factory hellbent only on achieving high grades
at the expense of a child’s mental health. However, it must be a place where all students can
achieve the best they are capable of in whatever field they choose. They will achieve because they have high
expectations of themselves and an in-built ambition to succeed; some will have that already others will gain it
along the way.

We want our students to leave as confident well-rounded individuals who are as prepared as any young
person could be for the life after school. School should be a place of hard work and of enjoyment. A place where
students can have positive experiences that they will happily remember for the rest of their lives. Students only
get one real opportunity of attending a secondary school and we all need to ensure that theirs is one they will
always look back on fondly.

As school leaders, our role is to provide an environment where young people can feel safe and want to come into
school. We need to be able to promise our students and you as their parents that the learning environment will
be one where the students can concentrate and work without interruptions. We need to be able to promise you
that whatever the ability of the student, they will be able to make progress in all areas that is at least as good, if
not better than they would achieve at other schools.

We know that not all students are the same and that their interests will vary greatly. We know that in order to
thrive as adults, we will need to equip them with skills picked up in sports, dance, drama, public speaking,
computing and languages as well as English maths and science.

In all subjects, the minimum expectation for you and your children is well planned lessons that
are carefully structured to help them learn and to remember what they have learned. You should all expect well
considered feedback that is designed to not tell them what they don’t know, but instead inform them about the
best ways to improve.

It is my role to oversee what happens at the school. I have to make sure that the biggest possible percentage of
money, goes directly into your child’s learning and that none is wasted needlessly. To ensure that your children
are provided with the best possible teachers and that those teachers are provided with all the resources and
training they require to help your children learn. You will see that we set high standards here and that we have
high expectations, I cannot imagine that as parents and guardians of our young people, you would want anything

I very much look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and months. I cannot
wait to be a part of the King Harold family.

Your sincerely

Mr Steven Fisher
Executive Headteacher


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